Co-founded by Dr. Nika Shakiba and her postdoctoral supervisor, Dr. Ron Weiss (MIT), Advice to a Scientist ( is an online hub where the scientific community can share their perspectives on topics that are central to the professional growth of scientists at all stages of their career - including curious high school students at the beginning of their scientific journey, undergraduate students embarking on summer research experiences, graduate students navigating independent research projects, postdoctoral fellows transitioning to industry or academic leadership positions, as well as principal investigators leading a research team. The site seeks to be inclusive and support the journey of anyone within science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) while also welcoming STEM educators and other members of the scientific community.

Above all, Advice to a Scientist is a community effort, written and curated by scientists for scientists. Each article available on the site seeks to provide the perspective of the author(s) while synthesizing and citing the plethora of excellent resources that have become available over the years.